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  • The company that makes employee happy and with their future.

  • Legal welfare

  • Business hours : 40 hours
4 mandatory insurance (health insurance, national pension, unemployment insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance)
Annual leave and Retirement annuity
  • Additional welfare

  • Medical treatment, health care : General / special health checkup that Health Insurance Corporation implements.
  • Leisure activity support : Full support to employees for a cultural life with high quality and healthy rest, such as rally to strengthen the unity, athletics competition and in-house club activity.
  • Special rewards system : Support of cash prize and activity cost in consequence of revolution and suggestion activity at the office.
  • Others: lunch-dinner.
           Paying transportation expenses - commensurate to duty and position.
           Holidays present - providing New Year’s Day and Thanks Giving Day present.
           Supporting family event – condolence vacation and paying expenses for condolence, condolence wreath and funeral goods.
           Supporting educational expense: providing educational site for online at the office and on-the-job educational expenses out of the office.
           Providing shower rooms and lounge for women.