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  • Consistent technology development with unstinted investment

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  • Realization of quality control system by operating our own test equipment and laboratory. Chemical & Mechanical Test
  • Optical Emission Spectrometer Portable Optical Emission Spec Alloy Analyzer - PMI
    Universal Testing M/C Charpy Impact Testing M/C Brinell hardness M/C
    Etching / Polishing Surface Roughness Gauge Optiv Lite Vision
    Feritscope Brinell Hardness Measurement Equotip hardness tester
    Surface Roughness Gauge Coating Thickness Gauge Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Cutting M/C Mounting Press Polishing M/C

    Optical Emission Spectrometer 사진 Optical Emission Spectrometer
    Maker : GNR
    Chemical Component Analysis Equipment for a laboratory
    Portable Optical Emission Spec 사진 Portable Optical Emission Spectrometer
    Maker : GNR
    Portable Chemical Component Analysis Equipment
    Alloy Analyzer - PMI 사진 Alloy Analyzer - PMI
    Maker : OXFORD
    Portable Alloy Component Analysis Equipment
    Universal Testing M/C 사진 Universal Testing M/C
    Maker : DKT (300KN)
    Equipment to Measure Tensile of Material, Compression, Elongation, Bending
    Charpy Impact Testing M/C 사진 Charpy Impact Testing M/C
    Maker : DKT
    Equipment to Measure Impact Strength of Material
    Brinell hardness M/C 사진 Brinell hardness M/C
    Maker : DKT
    Brinell Hardness Measurement
    Equipment to Measure Hardness of Metal
    Etching / Polishing 사진 Etching / Polishing
    Maker : BUEHLER
    Electro-Etching & Polishing
    Equipment for Etching and Polishing of Metal
    Surface Roughness Gauge 사진 Surface Roughness Gauge
    Maker : OLYMPUS
    Equipment to observe Metal Flow
    Optiv Lite Vision 사진 Optiv Lite Vision
    Maker : HEXAGON
    Equipment by Enlarging Notch and Fracture
    Feritscope 사진 Feritscope
    Maker : FISCHER
    Equipment to Measure Austenite and Duplex Steel’s Ferrite Amount
    Brinell Hardness Measurement 사진 Brinell Hardness Measurement(Telebineller)
    Maker : FISCHER
    Portable Brinell Hardness Tester
    Equotip hardness tester 사진 Equotip hardness tester
    Maker : MITUTOYO
    Portable Repulsive Hardness Tester
    Surface Roughness Gauge 사진 Surface Roughness Gauge
    Maker : MITUTOYO
    Equipment to Measure Surface Roughness
    Coating Thickness Gauge 사진 Coating Thickness Gauge
    Maker : Qnix
    Equipment to Measure Coating Thickness of Metal Surface
    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 사진 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Maker : STRESSTEL
    Measuring Range : 0.6~500mm
    Equipment to Measure Thickness of Metal Products
    Cutting M/C 사진 Cutting M/C
    Maker : Ssaul Bestech
    Equipment to cut specimen
    Mounting Press 사진 Mounting Press
    Maker : Neo-Tech
    Mounting Equipment for Small Size Specimen
    Polishing M/C 사진 Polishing M/C
    Maker : Ssaul Bestech
    Polishing Equipment of Specimen