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  • Are striving for quality management.
  • Advice Line - Domestic Sales : 82-51-796-7830 / Overseas Sales : 82-51-796-7840 / Parts business : 82-51-796-7850
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  • Implementing Sound Management, The company of Trust, Felix Technology Co., Ltd.

  • By implementing sound management, we will make Felix Technology the company of Trust.

  • We would like to express our appreciation to all of you visiting our website.
  • It seems to me that the time has passed so quickly since the establishment of Felix Technology in 1998. There have been lots of difficulties and temptations in making and maintain a trustworthy company. But I have always managed the company based on the idea that the right path is the fastest way to reach a destination.
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    • With new spirit, with you

    • We expanded our new head office and factory and invested in new facilities in 2013. We have also renovated the website and I am here today with you, with new spirit.
    • The products we manufacture are Automotive parts and Industrial Forgings which require high reliability and technical standard. 
We believe that technical trust and quality assurance are our basic responsibility. Felix Technology is your reliable partner that keeps the basics, meets all your needs and helps you to solve any of your problems.
    • Making Happy Felix Technology

    • Felix Technology has a meaning to exist when customers and staff members are all satisfied. As a CEO, I have been doing my best to make a happy company that all staff members as well as Felix Technology come to a happy ending.
    • I will keep the promise with customers and employees with sound management. 
Thank you.
    • Felix Technology Co., Ltd.
CEO/President  Jong Oh Kim